Couple in custody after chase leads to crash in north Tulsa

A couple was arrested Tuesday.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A man is in custody after a chase led to a crash and then a foot chase in north Tulsa Tuesday afternoon.
  • Police say a suspect took off from officers when he saw them.
  • The chase ended with a crash near North Denver and Jasper.
  • The suspect then reportedly took off on foot and reportedly offered a nearby homeowner $100 to hide him before breaking into an empty home, where police later found him in an attic.
  • Police initially took the wrong man into custody after a woman in the vehicle said he was the suspect. He was later released after police said she was lying.
  • The woman was taken into custody.
  • Police said they also found a gun they said was thrown out of the car during the chase.
  • The suspect was identified as Neville Ewell Jr. He faces three first degree burglary charges, among others.
  • The woman was identified as Mleigh Jarrett.

UPDATE: This was a very fluid scene. It kept changing. Police say at the end Nevell Ewell was identified as the suspect who was driving the car and ran inside the homes to try and hde from police. The passenger in the car, M'Leigh Jarrett, was also arrested. Interview after chase/crash/home invasion

Posted by FOX23 Sara Whaley on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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