• Man convicted in 2014 Tulsa murder case granted a new trial

    By: Sara Hart


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    • A man convicted in a 2014 murder case has been granted a new trial.
    • Kevin Warrior was found guilty in the 2014 murder of Raphael Dews.
    • The new trial is based on newly developed evidence.

    TULSA, Okla. - A man convicted in a 2014 Tulsa murder case has been granted a new trial based on newly developed evidence. 

    FOX23 reported in March 2016 when a jury found Kevin Warrior guilty in the 2014 murder of Raphael Dews.

    In May 2016 a judge sentenced him to life in prison with the possibility of parole. 

    Now a request for a new trial has been granted. The appeal says it was because of a conversation Warrior had in the Tulsa County Jail with a cellmate.

    The appeal says the cellmate claimed that in June of 2014, a man by the name of Mikel Ball told him he was the one who killed Dews.

    More investigating found that police recovered a revolver from Ball in an unrelated traffic stop in June of 2014. 

    A ballistics test eventually concluded that the revolver seized from Ball matched a bullet at the scene of Dews’ murder. 

    Since then, Ball has been charged in the murder as well. He’s already in prison on an unrelated robbery conviction.    

    Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker says they are ready for a new trial. 

    He says guns can be handed from person to person quickly, so he still isn’t convinced they have the wrong guy in prison.

    He says that Warrior and Dews had an ongoing battle and that witnesses stood before a jury in his trial and claimed that he had threatened to kill Dews. Reports show that those witnesses also said he told them shortly after the murder that he had killed Dews. 

    Reports also show, though, that Warrior never admitted guilt to police.

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