Man arrested for terrorist threats at Boot Barn

TULSA, Okla. — Christopher Morris of Tulsa has been arrested after making a terrorist threat at the Boot Barn near 31st and Memorial on Saturday evening. He is charged with creating a terrorism hoax.

According to Tulsa Police, they received multiple calls saying people were running or hiding in the Boot Barn. One caller reported seeing a man with a backpack run into the store and yell “Everybody get on the ground!”

When police officers arrived they caught and detained Morris.

The police’s investigation revealed that Morris was standing outside the store, yelling and causing a disturbance.

When the store’s security asked Morris to leave, he became enraged and said that he was going to go inside the store to kill somebody.

Morris ran into the store, loudly ordering everyone to get on the floor.

The store’s security officer, fearing an act of violence, caught Morris and pushed him out of the store.

Witnesses, including shoppers and employees, told officers they were in fear of their lives. Some were still shaking as officers interviewed them.

One employee ran out the back of the store to a nearby motel where she felt safe enough to call 911. Two other witnesses told officers they ran to the back of the store, called 911, and whispered while reporting the incident.

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