Man arrested for stabbing elderly woman at Tulsa QuikTrip, tied to car crash into Mazzio’s

TULSA, Okla. — UPDATE 10:40 a.m.: Tulsa police said they arrested a man for stabbing an elderly woman at a Tulsa QuikTrip Wednesday morning.

Donald Ray Shibley was arrested for the stabbing, and is also tied to a stolen car that crashed into a Mazzio’s Monday night, according to Tulsa police.

A man who was recently discharged from a Tulsa hospital stabbed an elderly woman at a south QuikTrip early Wednesday, Tulsa police said.

Tulsa police said they responded to a stabbing call near 51st and Lewis around 2 a.m.

Police said a 87-year-old woman was stabbed in the neck with a pen by the man who also told her to hand over the keys to her car.

Police said the woman fought back and the man eventually ran off.

”He asked for the keys, tried to struggle with her for the keys, she was able to hold on to them, then he just gave up and left,” said Tulsa Police Sgt. Emily Michie. “If he could have, he would have probably taken off in the car.”

The woman was taken to the hospital. The woman is expected to be okay.

The man was last seen wearing only a pair of pants, police said. Gas pump cameras caught the incident and police have video of the attack. A k-9 was brought out to track the suspect, but it got too hot for the k-9 officer to be out. Police are searching for the suspect.