• Man arrested, claimed 'friendly fire' after woman hit in Tulsa drive-by paintball shooting

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police arrested a man for what he called “friendly fire” with a paintball gun over the weekend.

    Police said a woman was walking near 36th St. N and Hartford Saturday when she was shot in the leg as someone drove by. She thought it was a bullet at first, but soon realized it was a paint ball.

    A nearby witness got the license description and tag number and called police.

    Officers spotted the suspected vehicle the next day and pulled it over. Police said when they searched the car, they found a paint ball gun, paint balls, air cans and a real firearm.

    Suspect Jemaure Sango is a convicted felon who cannot carry a gun. FOX23 reported in August when Sango was suspected of eluding police near 61st and Peoria and officers had to use stop sticks to get him to stop.

    Police said as they arrested Sango, he told them he was firing the paint balls at his friend, and didn’t mean to hit anyone else, in what he called “friendly fire.”

    Officers said he also had meth on him when he was arrested. They said he tried to hide it in the cushions of the police car. Officers found the drugs stuffed in the cushions of the seat and added a charge on him for the drugs.

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