• Man arrested after allegedly trying to sell stolen oil well equipment to undercover officer

    By: Lynn Casey


    BRISTOW, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Someone stole oil well equipment from a contractor in Bristow.
    • The suspect thief then called the manufacturer to find out how much it was worth.
    • Bristow police setup a meeting and the man tried to sell the stolen property to an undercover officer.

    A man was arrested after officials said he tried to sell stolen oil well equipment to a Bristow police officer.

    Officials said Keith Clayton is accused of stealing expensive pieces of equipment from a well technician contracted out of Texas while he was in Bristow recently.

    Police said Clayton knew the equipment was worth something, but had no idea how much until he called the manufacturer and asked.

    The manufacturer reportedly could tell something was wrong and made sure to the get the serial number, name and contact information from the man on the phone.

    Bristow police then setup a purchase of the equipment. Clayton was arrested after meeting up with an undercover officer.

    The equipment was returned to the owner.

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