• Man accused of threatening child he doesn't know with knife at Broken Arrow park

    By: Sara Hart


    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police say a man threatened a boy with a knife at a Broken Arrow park.
    • Cory Moyer was charged last week for the December incident.
    • He said he did not threaten the boy.


    The Tulsa County District Attorney has charged a man after he allegedly threatened to kill a little boy with a knife at a Broken Arrow park.

    Though the incident reportedly happened in late December, Cory Moyer was just charged last week for planning to perform an act of violence and assault with a deadly weapon.

    A report shows that Moyer screamed at a nine-year-old to come over to him, threatening harm.

    The little boy’s mom says they live close to the park near 1100 West Ithaca. 

    She says she sent the boy with her 14-year-old, but the 14-year-old came home without his younger brother.

    She says the little boy ran home and explained that a man wearing black pants and an orange shirt was chasing him with a knife.

    His mom says the boy was scared and she could tell her son wasn’t lying.

    Reports show that police found the suspect lurking near the victim’s home. Officers say the encounter was “random” and “unprovoked.”

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    Police arrested Moyer that day on a city warrant, and police say after further investigation the district attorney charged him with the alleged park incident.

    When that warrant came out last week, police arrested Moyer again. He bonded out the next day.

    FOX23 spoke with the suspect, and he says he has a rocky past and is trying to turn his life around.

    He admitted that he walked through that park on his way home from work that day in December, but he says he never threatened a child. 

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