• Man accused of putting Tulsa infant in the hospital tells his story

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Ganey Fairley is accused of putting an eight-month-old child in the hospital.
    • He says the child was injured in an accident.
    • He gave his side of the story Tuesday.
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    The man accused of putting an eight-month-old in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury is speaking out.

    Ganey Fairley says he wants to clear his name.

    Fairley says Comorion Moore’s injuries were accidental.

    He says he was watching Moore and Moore’s big brother while their mother, his girlfriend, was at work.

    Fairley says they had just moved into the apartment complex where they were living, so boxes and clothes were still on the floor.

    Fairley says he tripped while walking with the baby back to the bathroom to give him a bath.

    He says at first Comorion was crying and then he went limp.

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    Fairley says he laid the baby on the bed and splashed cold water on him to try and get him to wake up. He denied the police report’s claims that he tried to shake the baby to wake him up.

    Fairley says his phone was dead.

    He says he tried to go next door for help but no one was home.

    He says a couple of minutes later, his girlfriend, the baby’s mother, walked in the door.

    Fairley doesn’t deny he’s been violent in the past.

    He says he and his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Newman, did have some violent arguments, but he says he has never and will never hurt a child.

    Prosecutors have charged Fairley with child abuse and child neglect. He’s being held on $100,000 bond.

    Doctors now say the baby will survive, but that his life will never be the same. 

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