Man accused of impersonating police arrested after girlfriend calls police

Footage of man accused of trying to impersonate police


  • Tulsa Police arrested a man who they say impersonated officers.
  • Police say Walker Pierce was driving a car with red and blue lights installed in the front and rear of the vehicle. He admitted to officers he wore a bullet proof vest with "police" on the back, and used the lights on the car to try and make traffic stops.
  • The suspect admitted to police he acted as an officer when he saw juveniles out past curfew. He made the kids call their parents to come pick them up, and later followed up with the parents at their home at 2 a.m. to question them about other kids who ran away.
  • Police say they were alerted about Pierce when his girlfriend called them because he had her car. They used on star to track down the car to 71st and Mingo, where they made a traffic stop.
  • He was arrested for impersonating an officer and driving without a valid license.

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