Tulsa man accused of abusing girlfriend's 8-week-old daughter

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Andrew Leach is accused of abusing an eight-week-old girl.
  • Police said he went into a rage while his girlfriend was out with friends.
  • The child is in a local hospital.

A baby girl is in the hospital after she was reportedly shaken and hit by her mother's boyfriend.

Police said the eight-week-old girl has skull fractures and a brain bleed.

They said the injuries indicate shaking.

Andrew Leach, 19, is accused of shaking the baby and hitting her head on his knees.

Police said it was all out of rage.

They said Leach became angry when the child's mother was out with friends.

The child's grandmother took her to the hospital after she noticed something wasn't right with the baby girl.

Police interviewed the baby's mother. They released her while they continue to investigate.

They said the infant is stable, but doctors believe the child's injuries may have come from two separate incidents.

The child's mother reportedly met the suspect on Facebook four months before the incident. The two moved in together in early June.

Police said Leach is not the child's father.


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