• Man accused of carjacking, kidnapping and more after alleged crime spree spanning two counties

    By: Lynn Casey


    ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Brandon Atnip, 27, is accused of crimes in Rogers and Craig County.
    • Atnip reportedly stole cars from people near Ketchum and Vinita.
    • Officials say he also kidnapped a man during one of the carjackings.


    A man faces charges after officials say he went on a violent crime spree across two counties.

    Brandon Atnip faces charges in Craig County, and officials say he will soon face charges in Rogers County as well.

    Officials from the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office say Atnip broke into a rural water district building and stole an ATV, drove it around for four miles and then carjacked a woman with a gun.

    Saturday afternoon, Vinita police say he carjacked another person near Ketchum.

    Sunday, they say he carjacked and kidnapped a man, using the vehicle to drive to an ex’s home.

    Vinita police say he was barricaded inside for about an hour before he surrendered through a window.

    In Craig County, Atnip faces kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon charges in addition to a felon in possession of a firearm charge.

    In Rogers County, they will be asking to charge him with first degree armed robbery.

    The Vinita police chief says they have run into Atnip before.

    They say he went to jail for six years after a 2010 conviction over drug charges.

    Both Rogers County and Craig County officials say this kind of violent crime is extremely rare in their area.


    They say nearly all their crimes are completely nonviolent property crimes.

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