• Man accused of breaking wine bottles, throwing them at people at east Tulsa store

    By: Sara Whaley , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - Police arrested a man Saturday they say was throwing wine bottles at people at an east Tulsa convenience store.

    Tulsa police told FOX23 Kavaughn Blalock got into a confrontation with the store clerk at the QuikStop near 31st and Mingo.

    Police say a customer stepped in to help the clerk when Blalock began smashing wine bottles, chasing after the customer and throwing the bottles. Blalock reportedly took the wine bottles outside and threw them at a car -- breaking the windshield.

    Officers say when they arrived, he was inside the store and became combative with them.

    Officers got Blalock into custody but say he slipped through his handcuffs twice -- once during the arrest and once on the way to jail.

    Police say he threatened the officers on his way to jail, saying he would find them and "make a bullet find out heads."

    Blalock is facing felony charges including two counts of assault and threatening a violent act. He is also facing several misdemeanors including vandalism, obstruction, resisting arrest and trespassing.

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