• Man accused of attacking QuikTrip security guard with nunchucks in east Tulsa

    By: Preston Jones


    TULSA, Okla. - A man is in custody Tuesday after police say he used nunchucks to attack a QuikTrip security guard.

    Tulsa police arrested 65-year-old Maxie Dean at the QuikTrip near Admiral and Sheridan around 1 :30 a.m.

    Police say Dean was belligerent, refused to listen to the security guard on-site, then assaulted the security guard with a pair of nunchucks.

    Officers say the security guard responded by pepper-spraying Dean then holding him at gunpoint until police could get to the scene.

    Dean is in jail facing charges for assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a weapon.

    FOX23 learned two months prior to this arrest, Dean had been arrested after threatening police officers with nunchucks -- but did not assault them in that incident.

    QuikTrip says they commend the security guard for properly handling the situation.

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