• Man accused of assaulting Catoosa police officer


    CATOOSA, Okla. - Catoosa police say an officer is recovering after a man attacked him in a parking lot near I-44 and Highway 167.

    An officer went to check on a man who they later identified as 37-year-old Mathew Bartlett. Officials say Bartlett was acting aggressively toward shoppers in the area and yelling at cars passing by.

    Officers say Bartlett wouldn’t listen to commands, and at one point charged the officer, starting a fist fight. They say he hit the officer several times, once near the temple, before a security guard noticed and rushed over to help.

    Police say there is a growing issue with transients and mental health issues in the area and multiple related calls can strain their small department. Officials say more state funding and resources need to be made available to help with the problem to ensure officers and citizens can stay safe

    Bartlett is facing charges for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

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