Lt. Gov. now involved in Bixby water issues, residents may be without water until next week

BIXBY, Okla. — Wednesday marks one week where some families in Bixby have been without water. They have not been told when water will be restored.

Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell has gotten involved.

He said in a statement, “I’ve been in communication with Bixby city officials … I’ve been in contact with a number of agencies trying to find a solution and will continue working with them until the water is back on.”

FOX23 went to Bixby City Hall for answers.

FOX23 also emailed and called Bixby’s Public Information Officer. They have not responded, and we have not been able to talk to the city manager or the mayor, but we did speak with the area’s state representative elect, Chris Banning, who will be sworn in later this year.

He believes around 80 homes have been impacted. He shared documents with me, where the city of Bixby says, “No emergency permission has been granted for any amount of water use, let alone the significant amounts withdrawn from the Bixhoma Area System.”

The documents show someone allowed to much water from the Lake Bixhoma system to go to rural water district 4 in Wagoner County. Fox23 spoke with a business manager in Wagoner County who says they have a water purchase agreement with Bixby, something that is very common in rural area. He says they have had some water leaks and higher-than-normal usage because of the heat, but they have not stepped out of line.

Bixby has a temporary solution in the works. They’re expected to get equipment for a ski-mounted booster pump station in by Friday. Then they’ll have to install that and hopefully have water restored by the middle or end of next week.