• Lost family photo album returned to Owasso man

    By: Paris Holmes


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    • A man lost a family photo album when it fell from the top of a truck.
    • It was found in a ditch and given to Owasso police.
    • Police posted it to social media and the community helped locate its owner.

    OWASSO, Okla. - A lost photo album was returned to its owners after it was lost on an Owasso road.

    Zachary Ruttman said he lost the family album when he placed it on top of his truck. He forget it was there when he left and the book landed somewhere along East 116th Street North in Owasso.

    The Photos Date Back To The Early 1900s

    He told FOX23 the photos inside date back to the early 1900s and depict five generations of the family.

    GALLERY: Photo Album Returned To Owasso Man

    "I thought I was going to get in a lot of trouble. Obviously, I didn't quite take care of it as well as I should have," Ruttman said.

    The Album Was Found In A Ditch And Given To Owasso Police

    The album fell in a ditch and the pictures scattered everywhere, according to Ruttman. A good Samaritan found it, collected the pictures and took them to the Owasso Police Department.

    Police Posted A Photo To Facebook To Find The Owner

    Officials posted one of the photos to the Owasso police Facebook page and people recognized Ruttman almost immediately. He said he didn't realize the album was missing at that point.

    "I was relieved. I felt kind of a sense of community. It wasn't missing very long," Ruttman said.

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