Long testing lines flood Broken Arrow neighborhood

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Amid rising COVID-19 numbers across Green Country, the line at one testing location is causing problems in a Broken Arrow neighborhood.

People are lining up for drive-thru COVID-19 tests at Saint Francis near 101st and Elm, but the demand is so high that the line stretches back, nearly three-quarters of a mile, into a nearby neighborhood.

Some drivers said they were waiting for tests for over two hours, blocking houses and driveways in the process.

People who live in the Broken Arrow neighborhood near S Elm Pl and W Edgewater St. said the traffic has been like this for a week, with more cars lining up daily.

Bob Hilliard lives at a house located at the end of the line that formed on Tuesday.

“Since about the first of last week it got longer and I think yesterday it was all the way down to 101st,” Hilliard said. “All the way down this street, and people were waiting down 101st trying to get in.”

Drivers started lining up around 7:30 Tuesday morning, and drivers might be in line at 7:00 in the evening too.

Emma Davis lives at the front of the line and says she understands that people are trying to do the right thing by getting tested, but she’s having problems getting in and out of her driveway.

“A lot of the time you just have to wait and show people you have to go,” said Davis. “But if nobody pulls backwards so that somebody else can get out of your driveway, or the line doesn’t move forward, you kind of just have to sit there and wait.”

“Occasionally we have had to honk or like ‘hey can you please let us out of our house we have somewhere to be.’”

Saint Francis said they’re working to try to keep up with the testing demand, and said despite long lines, the aim is to get test results back within 24 hours.