Young people struggling with weight gain during pandemic, survey shows

TULSA, Okla. — A recent survey conducted by V8 shows that young people are struggling with weight gain during this pandemic.

Over half, 55%, of Millennials and nearly half, 48%, of Gen Z respondents admitted they have gained weight during the pandemic, whereas only 29% of Gen X respondents reported weight gain.

The surveys reports 55% of parents are more concerned about weight gain this fall and winter.

Stress eating is also a problem for younger generations. Half of Millennials, 51%, and Gen Z, 47%, are stress eating versus older generations – Gen X (39%) and Boomers (24%).

Millennials, 51%, and Gen Z, 47%, are eating twice as much junk food as Boomers, 24%. And, more than half, 54%, of Millennials and half, 52%, of Gen Zers are concerned about getting enough exercise.

Nearly three out of every five parents with young kids expressed that they are now eating more junk food, compared to non-parents (46% of non-parents shared that their junk food intake was up).

Over half of women say their stress levels have increased since last year, compared to 45% of men.

Younger generations, 63% of Millennial respondents and 61% of Gen Z respondents, are more concerned with staying mentally healthy this fall/winter compared to Boomers, only 30% of respondents. Gen Z is twice as stressed, 44%, than Boomers, 22%.