Young Tulsa entrepreneur launches successful liquor company

The botanical vodka sold out in the beginning

Tanner Conklin started out doing hair before she tried to buy a liquor store during the pandemic.

26-year-old Conklin says she was slighted on the sale of the store and decided to give making vodka a try last year.

She named the vodka Slight Spirits after her experience trying to buy the liquor store after the deal turned bad.

She started with a Google search on how to start a vodka company and followed the many complicated steps.

“When I first launched on January 22nd, it was a big hit,” said Conklin. “Everybody sold out everywhere and I’ve sold through almost two pallets in about three weeks.”

Her botanical vodka includes flavors of pepper and lavender, with a hint of mint.

Conklin says she owes part of her success to her TikTok videos.

She plans to branch outside of Oklahoma next.

Click HERE to find stores that sell the vodka.


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