Young boy starts lemonade, snow cone stand after battling a brain tumor in the hospital

WESTVILLE, Okla. — A Westville 12-year-old boy started his own business after getting out of the hospital for surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Kaleb Darker started a lemonade stand. It grew and now he makes both lemonade and snow cones. He has nine snow cone flavors.

He says he started his stand after he battled a brain tumor and lost a lot of friends because he couldn’t play with them anymore.

This helps him make new friends!

He encourages other kids to “go for it,” and says, “you can accomplish anything if you try.”

Kaleb says he’s made around $2,000 in the four years he’s done this stand. He’s hoping to save up to upgrade his stand and possibly get a trailer.

For more information about how to support Kaleb, go to the Westville Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page.