Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Keystone Lake reopening

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Keystone Lake reopening
  • A family water park on Keystone Lake is wondering what could possibly happen next as it opens for the summer 2020 season.
  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Keystone Lake is hoping for a rebound after intense flooding closed many of their campsites and lake activities last year. By the 4th of July, the park had to close because water was so high in the Keystone Lake holding pond.
  • Beth Ryan, owner and manager, said they are taking steps to keep guests healthy during the pandemic, and they feel many people are itching to get outside after being in their homes for more than a month.
  • Last year, flooding was so bad that three campsites in Jellystone washed away because of erosion. Beth said they will never get that land back.
  • Trying to get a feeling for what the summer ahead holds, Jellystone is opening it’s campgrounds and pools with waterslides Memorial Day weekend, and then on June 12th, they will open their aquatic park on the actual lake itself. It is a complex of inflatables for climbing, sliding off of, and other water activities.
  • Last year, the aquatic park was one of the first things to close when water levels rose.
  • With Keystone being a holding pond for the Arkansas River, even after water receded in the Tulsa metro and further down stream, the Army Corp is Engineers could only let out so much water through the Keystone Dam. That meant, when they closed some floodgates to allow water levels to go down in the Tulsa metro, the lowering of water at Keystone became slower, and the effects of high water remained at the lake long after it receded back into the banks of the Arkansas River.
  • Beth said the only thing that could happen to them now after flooding, tornadoes, a pandemic, and an economic downturn would be an invasion of locusts, and she’s hoping that comment can remain a joke and not turn into a reality.