YMCA of Greater Tulsa summer camps to go on with coronavirus guidelines

Local YMCA offering emergency child care programs during pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — YMCA announced they are having summer camp in 2020 -- even though things will look different.

YMCA of Greater Tulsa says they’re gearing up for camp to start June 1 -- allowing 100 children per site.

The YMCA and the American Camp Association released an 82-page field guide talking about how to keep kids safe using CDC guidelines with the looming threat of spreading COVID-19. The limit on the number of children at sites is a part of those changes.

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The camps will run weekly and are open from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

(File Photo) Children at YMCA camps
(File Photo) Children at YMCA camps (FOX23)

YMCA has been doing an emergency child care program for the past four weeks for first responders and frontline healthcare workers.

This has also helped the YMCA prepare for their summer camp since they will be doing a lot of similar safety precautions.

One example is they have social distancing dots to help kids stand apart.

Participating children will answer a questionnaire, get their temperatures checked, and sanitize before they’re allowed into camp.

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