Woman uses handstands to encourage Tulsans to take on new challenges

TULSA, Okla. — A woman is turning to handstands to inspire Tulsans to take on new challenges.

April Nading calls herself the “handstanding Grandma.” She’s traveled across Green Country, taking pictures of herself doing handstands at famous landmarks.

Nading says she takes the fun pictures to encourage others to be positive.

“I’m 59 now, and I started handstanding later in life. I think it was to show to myself and to other people, in their 50′s in particular, that just because you’re older doesn’t mean its done. If anything, it’s the opportunity to start working on things you’ve always wanted to work on or take on new challenges,” said Nading.

Nading is from Indiana, but has family in Tulsa. So, she decided she would do a handstand tour of our area. She’s visited the Golden Driller, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, and the Center of the Universe.

She says the Oklahoma wind has made it difficult to pull off her handstands, which she tries to hold for ten seconds.

“The hardest one was in front of the Blue Whale of Catoosa, because it was muddy, it was on an incline, and the wind was blowing like no tomorrow. I mean it was ridiculous, trying to kick up and hold. I even lost a pair of sunglasses somewhere with the wind took them and I don’t know where they went!”

It took Nading seven years to confidently complete a handstand away from a wall. She says she practiced and watched lots of tutorial videos. She even has a handstand tattoo on her wrist.

Nading is planning a trip to Paris for her 60th birthday, and plans to perform a handstand in front of the Eiffel Tower. She says she will only stop handstands when she physically can’t do it anymore.