Woman returns lost ring to local nurse with special note

TULSA, Okla. — Jessa Emmerson lost her high school class ring some time between 2006 and 2010.

She lost it while she was a student at TU. Recently she got a message on FB saying someone had found it and was trying to track her down.

Lynn Martinez found it years ago and put it in the back of her jewelry box.

While she was stuck at home during stay at home orders, she started cleaning out her drawers and decided to try and track down the ring’s owner.

She sent the ring to Jessa cleaned, with a card and a very special memento of her own.

Lynn found out Jessa is an ICU nurse in San Antonio. She says it reminded her how loving the nurses were when her sister died of cancer.

At the time she had a little worry rock with an angel on it that she held onto while her sister was in the hospital.

That’s what she sent to Jessa along with her ring, in gratitude for what she does.

Jessa says it’s not an easy time to be a nurse, but she’s so touched by Lynn’s kindnessShe’s also very proud that the nurses who cared for Lynn’s sister took such good care of her family.