Woman protests outside of Black Wall Street Gallery after owner is accused of sexual assault

Woman protests outside of Tulsa art gallery after owner is accused of sexual assault

TULSA, Okla. — A local woman set up a protest outside an art gallery on Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Monday afternoon where the owner is accused of sexual assault.

The women, Amandela Perry, who did the protest says she’s speaking out against the owner, Dr. Ricco Wright.

Dr. Wright dropped out of the Tulsa Mayoral race after a local artist came forward, claiming he sexually assaulted her.

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Perry worked as an artist at the Black Wall Street gallery, she claims that Dr. Wright barely paid her for her work.

She says, “When I was an employee, I received one payroll check from him for $500 and at the time, I put in a lot more work than that and that payment was also late.”

She also addressed recent sexual assault allegations made by another artist, against Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright took to Facebook after seeing Perry’s pop-up protest. He denied Perry’s allegations, saying, “but then this here says unpaid wages, show me the receipts because I have zero unpaid wages.”

Last week, he addressed the sexual assault allegations, saying in a news conference he doesn’t remember what happened because someone gave him the drug roofie- commonly known as the date rape drug.

Dr. Wright’s attorney released a statement:

“Protests should be for expressing your views on social matters and on things affecting the community. This is an individual case of an alleged breach of contract. It’s not the proper venue for this and therefore is not worthy of any further comment.”