• Two killed in Sapulpa crash

    By: Farron Salley


    SAPULPA, Okla. - Two people have died  following a car crash Thursday morning in Sapulpa.

    The victims have been identified as Jewel Andrews and Larry Rogers. 
    FOX23 had a crew on the scene at New Sapulpa Road where it was blocked off for nearly three hours for investigation.
    There was still debris and shattered glass along the side of the road where the head on collision happened, about 40 yards away from a family who told FOX23 the entire RV community was shaken from what happened.
    “Her whole front of the car is completely smashed,” said Diane Langevin, who lives nearby.
    Diane and Gilles Langevin were outside moments after they heard the crash.
    “It’s like it’s not just one bang, it keeps going and collapsing and shrinking. You can hear metal shrinking,” said Gilles Langevin.
    Then one of the cars caught fire Gilles Langevin ran to help and told FOX23 he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.
    “She was upside down and we tried to open the door, and we went to the other side, the car was on fire, somebody was spraying with an extinguisher,” he said.
    When FOX23 arrived officers were blocking off an entire mile of the road starting at 96th Street.
    “We grab hold of her and bring her on her back out of the car and I was able to pray for her,” he said.
    But Andrews was pronounced dead on the scene.
    “If two vehicles are going down the highway at 50 mph, the impact is 100 mph impact,” said Major Jeff Gilliland with Sapulpa police.
    Gilliland told FOX23 the white car traveling south crossed the center median and crashed head on into another car, Rogers was rushed to the hospital but later died.
    Sapulpa has a group of specialized officers called Signal 30. They’ll be finding out exactly how fast each car was going and what happened in the moments before the impact. 

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