Woman found dead, more than 100 dogs rescued from Oklahoma puppy mill

MARLOW, Okla. — Deputies found a woman’s body and more than 100 dogs living in deplorable conditions at a home in Stephens County last weekend.

The Humane Society of Tulsa says some of their team traveled to help rescue these animals at the home in Marlow, Oklahoma.

They’re now caring for most of the dogs from this case, along with sheep and a cat also found on the property.

The humane society says they’d classify this as a “puppy mill” because some of the medical conditions these animals have come from “being repeatedly bred over and over again for profit.”

Tulsa Humane Society President Gina Gardner says some of the animals lived in small cages while others lived in “terrible filth with skin infections, eye infections or ear infections that weren’t being treated.”

“We have dogs that have to be sedated in order to be shaved because their hair is so matted,” Gardner says.

“It’s painful, they’re in so much pain.”

The owner of the property is now facing charges in connection with murder and animal abuse.

The Humane Society of Tulsa asks people to do their research when buying from a breeder to make sure they’re reputable.

Any donations are welcome and needed because this is a large number of dogs with medical conditions. These dogs are not adoptable right now as this investigation is ongoing.

Donations can be made here.