Woman arrested for allegedly kidnapping boy at Tulsa apartment swimming pool

TULSA, Okla. (KOKI) — Tulsa Police arrested a woman after she allegedly stole a five-year-old boy from a midtown Tulsa apartment complex swimming pool.

Police arrested Jordan Canfield on Saturday near East 61st Street and South Peoria Avenue after the boy’s father was able to lure his son away from Canfield back into his arms, TPD Officer Danny Bean said.

According to her arrest report, Canfield began speaking with the little boy telling him it was time to go home and that she would take him home because his time to swim was up, but Canfield is a complete stranger and not related to the boy whatsoever.

Bean said the boy’s father after realizing the boy was missing hopped in his truck and began driving around looking for the boy when he found Canfield and his son five blocks away.

“They we’re just walking down the street holding each other’s hands when he spotted them,” Bean said.

Canfield is facing one count of kidnapping/child stealing in addition to obstructing justice and possession of marijuana without a license.

She will be evaluated for mental health issues, FOX23 is told. Canfield also appears to be homeless at this time, and officers are unable to find anything that indicates where she lives.

The boy was not injured during his abduction.

Parents are strongly urged not to leave their children unsupervised at a swimming pool not just because of incidents like this but also to prevent death from an unsupervised drowning.