‘Where do we go?’ Former Marine, cancer patient concerned about Cancer Treatment Centers of America closing in Tulsa

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — The family of a former Marine and cancer patient says they’re wondering where to go for treatment after last week’s announcement that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa is closing.

David Quicke, 64, spent about the last 15 years battling bladder and prostate cancer.

Quicke’s family moved from Iowa to Oklahoma about three years ago to get higher-quality care for him, including at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The family says he received that high-quality care they were looking for and has been in remission for a couple of years.

However, Quicke still has monthly appointments.

His daughter Jennifer says she found out on Facebook that the cancer center is closing in June.

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“Just scrolling through and I seen it and I was like you gotta be kidding me; no letters, no phone calls, no nothing,” Jennifer says.

She says the family is at a loss after receiving his care there for so long.

“It’s terrifying for us because now what’s gonna happen?” Jennifer says.

“Is he going to come out of remission because he doesn’t have the proper treatment? What’s gonna happen? Where do we go? Who’s gonna treat him? How are they gonna fix it?”

She says she’s been trying to reach out to CTCA since learning about its closing but has been having trouble getting in contact with someone.

FOX23 reached out and received the following statement:

“Assisting each and every one of our beloved patients is truly our top priority at this time. Our care teams are currently working through a very long list of patients to ensure they are appropriately transitioned to the provider of their choice. Patients have the choice of transitioning care to another CTCA facility (Phoenix, Atlanta or Chicago) or a local provider as they prefer. We emailed all actively treating patients as well as those who are receiving follow-up care (approx 2k) on March 31, prior to sending the news release and engaging in any external. A mailed letter to approx. 7k patients with an estimated delivery timeframe of next week is currently being printed. Due to the sensitive nature of the announcement, we were not able to work with the printing company in advance. Our CTCA Tulsa website was modified on March 31 to drive patients to an FAQ page, found here, that includes general information as well as a dedicated line created to help with the influx of calls. We are committed to transitioning each and every one of our patients as quickly as possible.”