Where are the most dangerous intersections in Tulsa?

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • 90 people die daily on average in traffic accidents across the U.S.
  • In Tulsa 10,939 accidents reported in 2015 through Oct. 15.
  • 60 percent of deadly crashes happened on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

On an average day in the United States 90 people a day die in traffic accidents.

Accident numbers this year in Tulsa show 10,939 accidents through Oct. 15.

Some spots are much more dangerous than others, FOX23’s Clay Loney took a closer look at the most dangerous intersections in Tulsa.

FOX23 talked to life-long Tulsan, Ricky Cassady at 41st Street and Highway 169 -- the fifth most dangerous intersection in Tulsa.

There have been 40 accidents reported there so far this year.

The Department of Transportation said distracted driving is a big cause of accidents.  They released a PSA to bring attention to the issue and hopefully force drivers to pay attention.

The third and fourth most dangerous intersections in Tulsa are tied with 45 accidents each: 61


Street and South Peoria and 51


Street and South Peoria.

The second most dangerous intersection is just a mile away at 51st Street South and Highway 169; it had 46 accidents.

That's what happened to Saudi Lanear when another driver ran a stop sign.
"Drove right out and hit the front of my car. And then I looked up into the rearview mirror and he backed up and drove off," she said.
There has been a hit-and-run this year at the spot that tops the list of the most dangerous intersections in Tulsa: Memorial at the Broken Arrow Expressway.
Halfway through October there had already been 50 accidents there for the year.
FOX23 learned 60 percent of the deadly accidents in Tulsa happened on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.