What to know: Bond issues up for election in Sapulpa

Sapulpa residents to soon vote on public safety changes

SAPULPA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Sapulpa voters will go to the polls Tuesday, Jan. 14 to vote on six different propositions at stake.
  • The city manager says the purpose of the bond election is to make Sapulpa a more competitive city for people to want to visit.
  • Voters will cast ballots on each proposition separately.
  • It takes a majority vote for a proposition to pass.
  • Doors open at polling places from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • For a $100,000 property a tax increase of $48.18 a year can be expected if all propositions pass
  • For $250,000 property a tax increase of $127.02 a year can be expected if all propositions pass
  • The total go-bond is $40.235 million.
The City of Sapulpa plans to use the plans in upcoming city bond votes to help the city compete with surrounding areas.
The City of Sapulpa plans to use the plans in upcoming city bond votes to help the city compete with surrounding areas. (FOX23)
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Below is an outline of what each proposition is expected to bring:

Proposition 1 — Streets and bridges: $10.6 million

1. 49th West Avenue and Highway 117 (traffic light and widening): The city says this is one of the most dangerous intersections in Sapulpa. They just got approval from ODOT to add a traffic signal at the intersection. They’ll also widen 49th West Avenue which could help with commercial development and public safety.

2. SH-66 (Dewey) and Highway 117A (traffic light and extension to historic route 66): Create another lane to access the Ozark Trail so first responders can access homes in the area and also preserve the historic bridge for future generations. This will also allow for property development.

3. E. Dewey Avenue widening and resurfacing

4. Downtown District Master Plan: In February they’ll have presentations for master plan proposals for the downtown area.

Proposition 2 — Public Safety: $5.7 million

1. Police car replacement

2. Police station HVAC/building/gun range upgrades

3. Police technology and mobile data system upgrades

4. Fire Station #3 replacement (water street and murphy avenue): The city says one of its busiest fire station buildings has fallen into disrepair and needs to be replaced. Building a new fire station is the first priority for the fire department. The new building would be 7400 sq. ft and accommodate both the trucks and personnel. It would allow space for women firefighters which they haven’t had in the past and can’t accommodate right now.

5. Fire training facility: The ability to train firefighters in town will help lower iso rating which could save homeowners money on insurance; the ability to train on-duty is also crucial in saving the city money instead of having to pay for firefighters to train elsewhere.

6. Refurbish fire trucks: This will give two trucks 10 more years in the field.

Proposition 3 — Community Park Enhancements: $3 million

1. McCoy Park upgrade and bathroom

2. Liberty Park and playground

3. Golf course flood mitigation

4. Updates to parks and recreation facilities and lake properties

Proposition 4 — Economic Development: $4 million

This provides money for the city to promote and attract retail and commercial development.

Right now, the city says they are struggling to compete because they are not in Tulsa County and haven’t benefited from the Vision tax money.

It will allow them to offer incentives, purchase property and bring new businesses, restaurants and industries to Sapulpa.

Proposition 5 — Booker T. Washington Recreational Center: $8.5 million

This creates a new 24,000 sq. ft. recreational center and road access improvements. It would include a double court gym, hall of history dedicated to Booker T. Washington school history.

This includes a weight room, game room, meeting rooms

It would also be able to host AAU basketball tournaments and attract other sports events and tournaments to the city to increase tourism.

The existing center used to be a school but it’s too expensive to refurbish. They will remove the existing structure and create a new building

Proposition 6 — Youth sports complex: $8.2 million

-This would continue the expansion work at the sports complex by creating six baseball fields, soccer complex, concessions/restrooms and 325-plus car parking lot

This will be in addition to the $1 million for the 2015 bond issue that created two soccer/football fields, two lighted fields, baseball concessions and restrooms and a 200-plus car parking lot.