State Question 802 narrowly passed by Oklahoma voters

What you need to know about State Question 802

TULSA, Okla. — The only state question on the ballot for Oklahoma’s primary election on June 30 passed by a narrow margin of votes.

The decision to pass the measure came down to less than 7,000 of nearly 675,000 votes.

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The proposal is meant to ensure that the state cannot add more restrictions that make it more difficult to qualify for expanded Medicaid coverage than it is to qualify for the current Medicaid program.

State Question 802 is expected to require the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to try to maximize federal funding for Medicaid expansion in the state. OHCA would have 90 days to show that it submitted the documents.

Voters who supported State Question 802 voted “YES” on their ballots.

Local healthcare leaders held a meeting to discuss the question Thursday before the vote: