Wedding venue in Tulsa suddenly closes leaving couples without a place to tie the knot, businesses step in to help

Tulsa wedding venue abruptly shuts down

Tulsa, Okla. — The national chain that owned Noah’s Event Venue abruptly shut down on Thursday with no notice, leaving future brides and employees at a loss.

A Tulsa employee tells us she got an email that the company had gone bankrupt, and they are closing. This comes after the company filed for bankruptcy in May. The documents show they have very little in assets and owe a lot of money to clients.

We spoke with a bride who had a wedding scheduled at the venue in 20 days. She says she just talked to organizers two days ago and had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

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“I talked to the girls in charge the whole last week making sure everything was finalized.. we finalized our time-line two days a go so it’s just complete shock.”

The bankruptcy document says they own $210,589 worth of stuff and they owe over $53 million in liabilities.

Here’s a list of some wedding businesses offering deals for those affected: