Wagoner County deputies investigating cattle killed with bow and arrow

Two people accused of killing cows with bow and arrow in Broken Bow

Tulsa, Okla. — The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case involving cattle being shot and killed with a bow and arrow in the Yonkers area.

Tuesday afternoon the owner reported two cows were killed with a bow and arrow. They had been chased and shot. Seven other cows were chased an ran through the fences.

The seven mother cows were found later Tuesday night, but the owner is worried the cows may have a miscarriage from the trauma. All of these cows were pregnant.

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Photographs were taken of 2 suspects as they exited the wood line in camo, carrying bow and arrows.

If anyone can identify the suspects in the photographs, please call 918-485-3124 or 918-485-7799 to report information.