Volunteers donate time, resources to help Afghan refugees in Green Country

TULSA, Okla. — Teams of volunteers are setting up homes in Tulsa for refugees from Afghanistan.

Last week, around 60 Afghan refugees flew into Tulsa International Airport. More are expected to arrive in Green Country this week, months after they were evacuated from Afghanistan in August.

Employees and roughly 800 volunteers with Catholic Charities are coordinating food, furniture, and other home goods into apartments for refugees.

The youngest employee was 11-year-old Tristyn Cummings. Tristyn said it’s important to help.

“I love serving and helping people. I’ve been decorating and loading things into the trucks, that’s mostly what I’ve been doing,” said Tristyn.

Veteran David Wyble also volunteered.

“It’s not just important for Tulsa to help, it’s important for the United States of America because these people have fought for our freedom. They’ve fought for their freedom, they’ve put their lives on the line,” said Wyble.

Teams of volunteers have been working to get ten homes ready for refugees to move into this week. Tim Neuman from Catholic Charities says Tulsa has been very generous.

“All this has been donated by the great people of Tulsa, and Tulsa’s such a great place for people stepping up. When we had the need and when we asked, this is what we received,” said Neuman.

There are 561 refugees in Tulsa right now. Some are in temporary accommodation in hotels. 252 refugees have already been placed in permanent housing.