Viral post helps Apache man get back missing family heirloom

TULSA, Okla. — Robert Chokoven Van Fleet of Tulsa said he couldn’t be more happy.

WATCH: Local family searching for stolen heirloom

Wednesday afternoon, Robert was handed over his walking staff that had been taken after visiting a gas station earlier in the week. He said that he left the staff by a gas pump and quickly returned to find it gone.

Robert told FOX23 News on Tuesday that the staff was a family heirloom that had been gifted to him. He says his wife’s uncle was a Cherokee elder and had hand crafted the staff. He said, “I know that people get attached to things, but this is a spiritual thing that is part of me.”

Robert said that his daughter posted about the staff on Facebook and believes social media was what helped get it returned back into the right hands. Robert wasn’t sure how the staff was taken but added, “I’m just happy to have the staff back. Like I said, I wish them no ill will as long as they give it back to me and they did.”