Video shows thieves steal at least seven cars from south Tulsa neighborhood

BIXBY, Okla. (KOKI) — Bri’Gette Williams woke up in her gated south Tulsa neighborhood, only to find one of her cars missing from her driveway.

She says, “I walked outside and the car was gone. My first instinct was to talk to my husband, and I asked where’s the car.”

She noticed multiple people posting videos on the Nextdoor App, saying their cars had also been stolen. Many of the cars, like Williams’, had been locked.

WATCH: Video captures a group of thieves stealing at least seven cars from homes in neighborhoods near south Tulsa and Bixby. Get the details here >>>

Posted by FOX23 News on Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Williams says video captured a group of thieves stealing at least seven cars from the area. She says it’s likely more than that. In the video, she says, “You can see a line of stolen vehicles, including mine, just rolling through. It’s a large group, you could see young women and young men in the video.”

She says they targeted homes from 112th to 131st Street along Sheridan in south Tulsa and Bixby.

“I felt so violated. My children’s car seats are in there. My personal belongings are in there.”

And Williams says she’s not alone. She’s heard of cars being stolen from other areas in Tulsa.

Kylie Mayes is a single mom who says someone stole her car while she was at work at Price Mart near 12th and Garnett. She says she just bought the car months ago, and she really needs it for transportation.

Both women are working with police, and they recommend people get a tracking device for their cars as extra protection.

We have noticed an increase in calls regarding auto burglaries. We ask that you be sure to have your valuables removed...

Posted by Bixby Police Department on Thursday, July 29, 2021