• Video shows teacher dragging elementary student


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • A video shows a 7-year-old girl being dragged by former Jones Elementary School teacher Summer Bass in March 2014.
    • The girl’s mother says that she was not alerted by the school.


    Video shows a Tulsa Public School teacher dragging a 7-year-old student through the hall.

    Now, the girl’s mother says that the school never contacted her about the incident.

    The mother says that when she saw the video of the teacher treated her daughter, she was shocked and brought to tears.

    “I was angry,” the mother said, “that I could send my child to school, and this could happen to her without me knowing.”

    Video from the girl’s attorney shows Jones Elementary teacher Summer Bass dragging the 7-year-old student to the administration office.

    Once there, Bass drops the student on the ground, and the dragging forced the girl’s pants to fall down to her knees. The student lay on the ground crying.

    The incident happened March 2014 after the mother says her daughter “shutdown and started crying.”

    The child’s mother is now suing Bass and Tulsa Public Schools.

    She says the school never contacted her, but she found out about the incident six days later through campus police.

    Her daughter told her that a teacher had dragged her and hit her head. The girl complained of blurred vision and headaches afterward.

    “I started to cry, because I couldn’t protect my child,” the mother said. “I mean, she went to school so many days without me even knowing.”

    Attorneys say a school nurse captured this video and filed a report.

    The District Attorney’s Office did not file charges and told her attorneys saw the video, but there was not enough evidence for abuse charges.

    Bass’ attorney declined to comment.

    Tulsa Public School says they cannot comment on lawsuits.

    Summer Bass resigned about a week after the incident whila Tulsa Public Schools investigates the incident, but the student’s mother says she should have faced criminal charges.

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