Victim identified, suspect in custody following deadly shooting in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Police have identified both victim and suspect in Tulsa’s most recent homicide early Monday morning that happened near Pine and Harvard.

Tulsa police arrested Marquelon Johnson on Tuesday, the suspect wanted in connection to the homicide of 27-year-old Austin Martin.

Police say it happened when a neighbor heard gunshots and called 911. When officers arrived, they say they found a man’s body in the street.

Tulsa Police say Martin was helping to clean up a gas station by sweeping a parking lot when Johnson showed up.

“It’s caught on video cameras,” Tulsa police Lt. Brandon Watkins told FOX23. “We see the suspect passing and then come back, pull a gun out and begin chasing the victim, and then the shots are fired.”

Lt. Watkins believes the two were strangers, the investigation not finding a connection between them.

He says they do not know why the suspect went after the victim.

“We don’t always find the reason somebody did something. Sometimes there is no reason. Sometimes it is just senseless and stupid, and somebody ends up dying because somebody else had a bad day,” he said.

FOX23 talked with a north Tulsa man who police say helped detectives catch Johnson in the area soon after the shooting.

The man told FOX23 he didn’t know Johnson was a suspect in a murder at the time.

Jeremy Haiakanubbi and his neighbors put Johnson in the hospital after he said the suspect broke into his car.

Haiakanubbi said he’d just returned home.

He parked in his driveway and got out of his vehicle.

“As I closed my door, I had met my neighbor…and we were talking. I heard my door close, and I saw a guy sitting in my driver’s seat. I dropped my stuff, and I ran over there and told him to get out of my car and got my gun out,” Haiakanubbi said.

Haiakanubbi says at first, the suspect now identified as Johnson, surrendered; however, when Haiakanubbi was on the phone with police, he says Johnson got up and started fighting.

“He was reaching for something in his coat, and when he was reaching in his coat that is when I took the shot,” Haiakanubbi said.

Haiakanubbi told police he fired into the air to scare the suspect.

“When he jumped the fence a house down, he hit the ground, and my neighbors tackled him and held him to the ground until the cops got here,” Haiakanubbi told FOX23.

Police say Johnson’s head was split open, and he left the hospital in a wheelchair.

He was booked into the Tulsa County Jail and faces a first degree murder charge.

Detectives say they connected Johnson to the shooting thanks to the surveillance video.

Police say Johnson did not have a gun on him when the car break-in happened. They have not recovered the murder weapon.