• Vandals painted derogatory messages on Claremore homes

    By: Morgan Downing


    CLAREMORE, Okla. - Claremore police are looking for whoever vandalized homes and apartments around the city.

    Police have been contacted by six victims, but more may be out there. One of those victims is an apartment complex that had derogatory statements spray painted in areas all over their property.

    Police here say if this was a prank it went too far.

    Vandals left their mark on garage doors, apartment steps and the sides of homes.

    They used Teresa Pickup’s garage to write a derogatory word for the entire neighborhood to see.

    “It was from here, all the way across in big letters” Pickup showed us.

    We’ve blurred out what was written in most of the pictures because the messages are too inappropriate.

    If this was some sort of prank, the victims aren’t laughing.

    “I think it went way too far,” Pickup said.

    “You know, I actually get my kids feeling safe in an apartment complex and then this happens. It makes you wonder what they’re going to do next,” victim Mamie Headrick said.

    Claremore police say they’re not sure who is responsible just yet, but they are narrowing in on the fact that it’s the work of teenagers.

    Now, homeowners are left to scrub away or paint over the messages.

    “It took forever. I mean, probably three hours, four hours and finally got it to where it’s not noticeable,” Pickup said. “It took several coats of paint to go over that garage to get the words to not show up.”

    Pickup says to her this is more than the fact that their homes were vandalized. She said it’s a sign of bullying that desperately needs to be stopped.

    “Kids are really mean out there. They’re doing things that I couldn’t even believe. The way they talk, the way they treat people, yeah I think it’s just another form of being bullied,” Pickup said.

    Rogers County deputies arrested teens who they say vandalized Foyil Public Schools. Claremore police said they will be questioning those teens to see if they’re responsible for all of this damage too.

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