UPS driver stops during delivery to fix Oklahoma woman’s American flag

ADAIR, Okla. — A UPS driver made a woman’s Memorial Day weekend when he delivered to her home in Mayes County.

Video from Chelsie Ashley’s front door in Adair shows the driver deliver her a package and notice her American flag displayed on the front of her home had rolled up in the wind.

The driver stopped on his way off her porch to unravel it, leaving it flowing right through the breeze again.

Ashley says she was getting ready for the day and checked the app on her phone to see who was at her door as he was leaving.

“He didn’t know anyone was watching him, but he just did it just to do it," Ashley says.

“I thought it was so cool what he was doing when no one was looking."

She told FOX23 it’s important to have something uplifting and positive right now and shared the video to her Facebook page.