Upcoming Tulsa Health Department COVID-19 vaccinations up in the air due to winter weather

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Health Department says it will make a determination on the status of Monday’s COVID-19 vaccination appointments sometime on Sunday afternoon or early evening.

In a conference call with reporters, THD Director Doctor Bruce Dart said the agency wants to give people with appointments enough time to find out that their appointments are being rescheduled before they take the risk of going out on slick roads, coming to the fairgrounds, and then only finding out they could’ve just stayed home.

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If Monday’s appointments are canceled, that would lead to four days in a row of appointments that are being postponed, and the number of appointments needing to be rescheduled would be in the thousands.

In order to make sure there isn’t a flood of people coming back for the vaccine all at once when it warms up and operations resume, THD will space out all reschedulings for the following days. While that may increase the number of people at the THD distribution site, it will not be overwhelming to staff and volunteers.

THD must also make a decision about its operations the following day by a certain time point so the correct number of vaccine doses can be thawed out and ready for use.

The Tulsa Health Department will send out the date of any rescheduled appointments to the e-mail address someone used to register for their initial appointment on the state’s vaccine portal.