• OU releases statement about alleged racist video


    NORMAN, Okla. - The University of Oklahoma President David Boren addressed a video released that featured members of a fraternity at OU performing a racist chant. 

    Boren said the students are being investigated for possible further actions. Boren said the university is looking at all possible punishment under the law for the actions of those students. 

    The fraternity closed the OU chapter and Boren said members had to get their belongings out of their house by midnight and the house will be padlocked. He also said the fraternity will not be allowed back on campus, "as long as I'm president."

    He released this statement Monday morning. 

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    Students and officials gathered on the North Oval Monday morning to demonstrate against the video, as well as hold a prayer vigil.

    National officials with Sigma Alpha Epsilon confirm the video of the chant does include members from OU's chapter. Officials say the chapter has been closed. 

    University president David Boren tweeted Sunday evening an investigation is underway to determine the authenticity of the video.


    Click below to watch an edited version of the video. (Caution: Some viewers may find it disturbing.)

    The short video features alleged students singing a chant containing racial slurs.

    Sigman Alpha Epsilon responded to the video in a series of messages on their national Twitter account.




    The fraternity's national president issued a statement via Twitter expressing disgust and said a cease and desist was issued to the OU chapter.


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