Union Alternative students convert old school bus into RV to be auctioned off

TULSA, Okla. — Students at the Union Alternative School spent years renovating an old school bus into a functioning RV that will soon be auctioned off into the community.

The final product has a kitchenette, couch, bathroom, four single beds, electricity and more.

The project was started during the 2018-2019 school year. Students, parents, teachers and community volunteers worked on everything from woodwork, electrical, appliances and piping.

Science teacher Debra Beattie spearheaded the project, saying the school used grants and donations of money and materials totaling at least $10,000.

The true impact, she says, extends far beyond the final product.

“I really wanted the students to be able to learn some basic skills because some of these things they can do in their life anytime, and if they’re good enough at it, then they can use it as a career or a side job,” Beattie told FOX23.

Senior Giovanni Hiner worked hard on the project, and is ready to graduate very soon.

“I liked how it turned out, it looked really good, and it looked like an RV,” Hunter says.

The RV now goes to a community auction that is expected to happen in the next month or so. School Principal Chris Ducker says bidding will start at $10,000 and that money will go into the Union Schools Education Foundation to fund future projects like this one.

More info can be found on the school’s website here.