Procession held for Sgt. Johnson, second officer remains critical

TULSA, Okla. — Today a procession was held for Tulsa police Sergeant Craig Johnson. His body was escorted by several law enforcement officers to the medical examiner’s office before being taken to Oklahoma City.

Sgt. Johnson’s family made the decision to donate his organs. We know Sgt. Johnson has saved the lives of at least four people because of that decision.

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Sgt. Johnson’s body will be transported back to Tulsa and a funeral will be planned next week.

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The Tulsa Police Department announced his death Tuesday after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop early Monday morning. Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, who was also shot multiple times, is still in critical condition.

David Anthony Ware and Matt Hall are both in custody after Sgt. Johnson and Officer Zarkeshan were shot during a traffic stop in east Tulsa.

Tulsa police say Ware shot the two officers during the stop around 3:30 a.m. near 21st and Memorial.

Officer Aurash Zarkeshan pulled David Anthony Ware over after seeing his car with a paper tag that had expired, according to court documents.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson stopped to back Zarkeshan up.

Zarkeshan told Ware to get out of the car because it was going to be towed, but police say Ware refused.

Police say Johnson tried to use his taser before Ware grabbed it and Johnson pepper-sprayed him while trying to get him out of the car.

Ware then reached under his seat for a gun and fired three times at the two officers, according to the affidavit.

Johnson was shot in his head and body.

Zarkeshan was shot in his head, upper body, and lower body.

Documents say Ware stood over Johnson after he’d been hit and shot him three more times.

Both officers were taken to the hospital where they are in critical condition.

A fund is set up by the Tulsa Police Fraternal Order of Police to support the families.

Police searched for several hours before finding David Anthony Ware who they say shot the officers and ran away.

Officers found him at a home near 31st and Garnett.

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Police say a second person, Matthew Hall, was also wanted in connection to the search and is also in custody.

Hall is facing an accessory to a felony charge after authorities found Hall had been talking to Ware and drove by the scene of the traffic stop before helping Ware leave the area, according to court documents.

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Ware is facing charges for shooting with intent to kill.