Tulsans working to restore Crow Creek

TULSA, Okla. — Some say it's affecting Tulsa's image.

That's why several organizations are now working to restore Crow Creek.

The creek runs through midtown and empties into the Arkansas River.

The area they're focusing on is between 21st and 31st and Peoria and Lewis.

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission with the help of the City of Tulsa and others want to clean the stream up so that people can fish and swim in it.

Right now, it’s too polluted for those activities.

Even though Tulsa is growing, Jean Lemmon wants the creek to be a beautiful part of the city, but she says its going to take a lot of work.

“It is going to require a lot of commitment from citizens,” Lemmon said.

Anyone who shops, travels through, or lives in the midtown area has an effect on the creek.

Lemmon’s hope is that some of those people will put their talents to use in the movement.

“We need people who have skills of all kinds … whether its putting together a Facebook page, or working with statistics or doing a creek clean-up,” Lemmon said. “Having a healthy creek shows that the environment is a wonderful place to live a safe place to live.”

If you are interested in learning more you can call the City of Tulsa’s “Save our Streams” department, or you can contact Jean Lemmon.

Her email is jean.lemmon@conservation.ok.gov.