Tulsa Zoo vet techs helping raise money for Australian wildlife affected by fires

Tulsa zoo vet techs trying to help save Australian wildlife

TULSA, Okla. — Veterinary technicians at the Tulsa Zoo are working to raise money for the wildlife affected by the devastating fires in Australia.

Technicians at the Tulsa Zoo who represent the Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians make up some of the zoo and aquarium technicians from around the world. The AZVT focuses on networking, education and conservation.

The money is going to the Bush Fire Emergency Wildlife fund -- a fund set up to help the wildlife being devastated by ongoing fires in Australia.

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Senior Veterinary Technician at the Tulsa Zoo and Vice President of AZVT Sarah Freudenthal told FOX23 they knew they needed to help out all the species of animals in the fires.

The money will help pay for veterinary care, feeding animals, and conservation.

About $25,000 was raised by Jan. 15 and another supporter promised another $5,000 in donations so the group is hoping to reach $35,000.