Tulsa woman shows out with church wardrobe despite year of virtual worship

TULSA, Okla. — La Verne Ford Wimberly is known for dressing to the nines for worship each Sunday at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa.

When worship turned virtual last March, Wimberly decided to keep dressing up.

She continued sporting stylish looks each Sunday; complete with a color-coordinated outfit, hat, jewelry, and sometimes even a mask, all from the comfort of her home. Wimberly made sure to post the selfies on her Facebook profile.

She did this every Sunday for a year, pairing each selfie with scripture or devotional.

While she has a passion for fashion, Wimberly says her focus wasn’t the selfies, but rather on helping her fellow churchgoers keep their faith amid the difficult pandemic.

With in-person service on the horizon, she’s stopped her posts for now, looking forward to donning her stylish looks, in-person very soon.