Tulsa woman has waited a week for coronavirus test results

Local woman has been waiting a week for her coronavirus test results

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma woman says she’s been sick for five weeks, and has been waiting over a week for coronavirus test results.

The woman is an employee at FOX23 and self-quarantined when she realized her symptoms could be related to COVID 19.

She’s been experiencing a cough, chest pains and a low-grade fever. Her symptoms come and go.

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Five weeks ago, when her symptoms first started, she was tested for flu and strep throat. All tests came back negative. She was told she had a bad cold.

When the cold didn’t go away, she went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, given antibiotics, and told she was not contagious.

Finally, she went back to the doctor last week, where she was met by doctors in PPE ready to test her for coronavirus. She was surprised and confused, as she thought she just had a sinus infection.

She tested negative on a virus test for all viruses except COVID19. She was told her test results for that would be ready in three to five days.

Today marks one week since that test, and she has still not heard any results. Her doctor’s office told her they didn’t know when the results would be ready, and that they were experiencing a back log in testing.

The woman wants people to know even if you do get tested, there’s a chance you will have to wait quite some time before learning the results.

She says this is a situation where we don’t truly know how many cases are out there, and who could be spreading it. She feels bad for the interactions she had when she thought she was not contagious, not realizing it was possibly coronavirus.

A representative from the state health department told FOX23 there is a back log of about 80 tests through their public health lab. The specimens are tested in Oklahoma and patients get their results in 24 to 72 hours. This is only for people who are tested through the health department, or specimens that are sent to them directly.