• Tulsa woman arrested for child neglect after daughter hospitalized for malnutrition

    By: Morgan Downing


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:


    • Christina Calhoun was arrested for child neglect Wednesday.
    • Calhoun's five-year-old child was hospitalized Sunday for dehydration and malnutrition.
    • Police said the child had been neglected for a long time.


    Police arrested a mother after she allegedly neglected her child.

    Corporal Greg Smith said police arrested Christina Calhoun after an ambulance took a five-year-old girl to Saint Francis with breathing difficulties Sunday.

    The child was severely dehydrated, ill and malnourished, weighing only 19 pounds.

    The hospital contacted both police and the Department of Human Services.

    Calhoun was arrested Wednesday on child neglect charges.

    FOX23 Morgan Downing talked to the suspect's family

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    Police said they are still investigating to see whether or not other people came into contact with this child and failed to report neglect.

    Police said the child has other medical issues and she does not talk much.

    They said the mother was offered services, but the mother has not taken advantage of them, which lead to “severe decline of the child.” They also said Calhoun would cover the child with a blanket in order to hamper officials' ability to monitor the child.

    Police said her dehydrated condition did not happen over a period of a few days. They said they believe she had been neglected for a very long time.

    Police said it looks like the child will survive.

    Calhoun's children have been taken into DHS custody.

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